Hi! my name is Sara! I'm a game developer in love with the intricacies of player interaction.


About Me

My primary interests are game programming and player interaction. I like learning about algorithms and design patterns. As well as about how to get players invested and excited. In my free time I like making games from scratch, or in custom engines. When it comes to third party engines I'm most experienced with the Unreal and Godot game engines. For personal projects I mainly work with SDL2, though sometimes I use SFML as well.


Galaxy Grove

C++ Intern

January 2023 - July 2023

Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht

Game Programming Student

September 2021 - Now


Junior API and automation developer

September 2021 - Now


API and automation intern

June 2021 - August 2021

Hobby Programmer

Chief Experimentor

2016 - forever

Natural Languages


Native Speaker



Formal Languages

C++ | Advanced

Frameworks: std/stl, sfml, Unreal Engine

C | Advanced

Frameworks: SDL2

C# | Advanced

Frameworks: .NET, Google Cloud Functions, Unity

Rust | Advanced

Frameworks: godot-rs

Javascript | Intermediate

Frameworks: Node, Express, Google Cloud Functions, Airtable Scripting

/bin/bash | User

Frameworks: rm -rf --no-preserve-root "/*"

Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications(TM) | Intermediate

Frameworks: Excel macros